How much caffeine when trying to conceive

More than half of all Americans drink at least 1 cup of coffee a day, but caffeine consumption can decrease both your & your partner's fertility when you're trying to conceive.
Caffeine can decrease fertility because the caffeine causes blood vessels to tighten, slowing the blood flow to the uterus which may aggravate the process of implanting the egg. If you want to give up caffeine, it may be difficult to wean yourself from your chemical dependency and you may end up with some pretty bad headaches, so it’s much better for you to take it slowly. Consequently, the best thing you could do if you want to get pregnant is to give up coffee or caffeinated products altogether, and instead include in your diet foods that stimulate your fertility. Fertibella ConceiveEasyA┬« is clinically proven effective in overcoming the most common obstacles to conception, and has been demonstrated in limited studies to help women conceive who have PCOS.

Studies suggest that caffeine can prevent an egg from maturing properly, and since a less mature egg may not fertilize, it may affect your chances of getting pregnant. Moreover, the same studies show that men’s ability to conceive decreases because their semen quality is not the same after drinking coffee. Caffeine (or caffeine) is part of the purine alkaloid group, which you can basically find it in coffee, tea, cola nuts, mate and cocoa, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate and coffee ice cream.
Caffeine can also decrease fertility because it causes blood vessels to tighten, slowing the blood flow to the uterus which may aggravate the process of implanting the egg. So you may just want to hold off on the grande lattes, while you’re trying to conceive.

Even some medications may contain caffeine, so it is better to ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any remedy, if those remedies you are going to use contain any caffeine concentrations.
Again don’t know how true all this is you might want to ask your Dr for some real answers on it.

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