How long is a woman pregnant

The time that is likely to take for a woman to get pregnant is when she is most fertile i.e. The likelihood of a woman becoming pregnant oscillates depending on where she is in her menstruation cycle. Around 7 to 11 days, a woman’s body begins to prepare for an egg to get fertilised and for pregnancy to take place. One must not expect to get pregnant from having sex at the time of menstruation because the sperm remains active in a woman’s reproductive tract only for a maximum of 7 days and ovulation takes place two weeks from the start of the menstruation cycle. There are so many nutritious foods available in the market, and each of them have their own effect on women during pregnancy.
If you are thinking of getting pregnant you should get essential knowlege of facts about ovulation and fertility.
IUDs, also known as IntraUterine Devices, are very effective long term birth control methods.

For most women, pregnancy after an IUD takes around 6 months, but for some women it could be longer.
To be able to conceive successfully, one must ward off any expectation of getting pregnant from having sex during menstruation.
The device is placed in the uterus and can provide protection from pregnancy for a period of 5-10 years, depending on the IUD that is chosen. It is natural that it might take a longer time to get pregnant when you have had an IUD, but it still should not take too long. Every woman’s body is different and every woman will have a different experience with getting pregnant after removing an IUD.
Learning tricks to stay healthy from these women can help you avoid most common health problems.
That way you can find out exactly when you are ovulating, and then you can plan sex for the right times in order to get pregnant.

If you fall in the category of women, who have a 28-32 day menstrual cycle, ovulation can take place between 11 to 21 days. Remember that there are only a few short hours each month that a woman is able to get pregnant, so keep that in mind while you plan for your fertility.
It is important to understand that every woman’s menstruation cycle is different and therefore, the ovulation cycle is likely to differ. The APA recommends that a woman use an ovulation kit or a fertility monitor to determine whether she is ovulating or not because it is ovulation that acts as a single greatest factor in conceiving or preventing pregnancy.

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