How long did it take to get pregnant over 40

Most of the woman surveyed didn't know when a healthy woman is 30, she has about a 20% chance of conceiving every month.
Many of the woman did not realise that when a healthy woman is 30, she only has about a 20 per cent chance of conceiving every month. Getting pregnant can be hard at the best of times but when you're over a certain age unfortunately things can get even harder. We spoke to Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at Create Health, to find out all you need to know about getting pregnant after 40 so you can be as prepared as you need.

Not to paint a bleak picture but naturally risks are heightened in pregnancies after the age of 40.
But there is no denying that the chances of getting pregnant naturally after the age of 40 significantly drop.
However, in older women and women with low egg reserve (high FSH or low AMH levels), Natural and Mild IVF can be more successful than conventional IVF.This isn’t just reserved for heterosexual couples success rates are higher in single women and lesbian couples with the use of donor sperm.
Single women and lesbian couples can try insemination with donor sperm as the first option if their fallopian tubes are open as long as their egg reserve is not too low.

Conventional IVF with suppression of ovaries is another option but may not be necessary for women over 40 and in fact may lead to unnecessary use of high stimulation and reduced response and quality of eggs. In fact the Guardian reported that the number of births to over 40s has increased by 15% in the past five years alone.

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