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Tubal ligation, or tying your tubes, is an effective form of preventing unwanted pregnancy.
The tubal ligation reversal procedure is associated with a subsequent average pregnancy rate of 75%; moreover, the percentage continues to increase every month, given the reopening of the tubes.
In addition to this minor surgery, in order to improve the chances of ultimately achieving the desired pregnancy, abdominal massage can help reduce the scar tissue of post-surgery tubes, and increase blood circulation, especially in the cases when only one fallopian tube is functional. How much does it cost to have a reverse done I want one more baby but not sure on how much it will cost.

If a woman changes her mind, and decides she wants to become pregnant, tubal ligation reversal is possible, and it can effectively ensure fertility restoration.
Experts have shown that 98% of tubal ligation procedures are reversible, so that almost all women have the possibility to become pregnant following the ligation removal microsurgery. Therefore, if you are ready to conceive, the tubal ligation removal procedure will ensure perfect fertility restoration almost in all cases, and aid you to become pregnant. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.

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