How do you end a pregnancy

I knew there would come a point where an epidural would no longer be an option, and I would just have to ride the pain to the end. Throughout this pregnancy I have often thought about how awesome it would be if this Baby Boy were to be born on my birthday!
Up until the last couple of weeks, I actually enjoyed trying to look cute during this pregnancy.
Or it’s possible that you have much more money than us and you can just eat out whenever or hire a personal chef in which case, DO THAT.
Up until the past couple of weeks, I had been doing a pretty good job of trying to be healthy through this pregnancy. If you are one of those pregnant women who eats super clean throughout her pregnancy and is working out until you go into labor – way to go!
This may not be as possible if you have other kids, but I tell you – it has been one of the biggest highlights in my life lately when I have been able to do it! If you’re feeling as grumpy as I am, it is helpful to have an outlet for your frustration. ALL of that being said, when I read my pregnancy updates from my first pregnancy, I felt a little sad that I haven’t documented this one at all. Herbal abortion, natural induced abortion, or natural induced miscarriage are all the terms used to describe various methods of terminating unwanted pregnancy through using herbs, massage, vitamins, visualization or prayer to cause the body to miscarry without any surgical or mechanical intervention.

However once we had already picked his name, it was cool to learn what each name means and how perfect they are for our little guy.
That was when I first started blogging, and I would do weekly updates on how my pregnancy was progressing. When we were pregnant with Riley, we had plans for the color and design of her nursery, and had it all set up a couple months before she arrived! When I was pregnant with Riley, my whole world pretty much revolved around that one thing (my pregnancy). So it has been a different pregnancy, having to navigate it while still grieving the loss of our baby before this one.
There was something really cool for me about going back and reminiscing, and it also was helpful being able to compare that pregnancy to this one.
I remember a friend telling me that once you already have a toddler, you don’t really get relief from the exhaustion you feel in pregnancy like you did when 2nd trimester hit in your first pregnancy, and boy has that been true for me!
Consuming higher doses of vitamin C during the initial weeks of pregnancy can make the embryo more susceptible to damage.
To induce the abortion in a natural way, plan on dedicating your whole life to reach this goal.
I even made a bracket once (like you would for March Madness) thinking it would help Jordan narrow it down or find something he liked.

As I mentioned, right before getting pregnant with Copeland, we lost a baby in miscarriage.
For a while I felt a little guilty for rejoicing in this pregnancy, since it was right after my loss. Moreover they are inexpensive and can be performed without any others intervention except the woman who is pregnant. I was definitely nauseous throughout my 1st trimester, but it was not nearly as bad as the nausea I experienced in my first pregnancy with Riley, and I never got sick from it.
For awhile we went back and forth as to whether or not we were going to choose it, but as our pregnancy neared the end we realized that there was just no other boy’s name that we liked more than Copeland. That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. Read funny articles about pregnancy – like this one that my husband sent me (I apologize for some of the language). I know how difficult it is to be a woman struggling in some area of fertility and to be bombarded by social media updates with all of the healthy pregnancies.

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