How do i can get pregnant

Untreated cervical dysplasia often leads to cervical cancer which can be a serious problem that can result in permanent infertility.
While cervical dysplasia usually does not play a role in keeping women from getting pregnant, it can put you at risk for other conditions. If you have a history of cervical dysplasia, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor about any issues that you might have becoming pregnant. If you're going to get pregnant naturally it's very likely to happen within the first three months. If you get your cervical dysplasia treated as soon as possible, and it doesn’t turn into cervical cancer on down the road, you should still be able to get pregnant without any complications or issues.
Sometimes, if you have had biopsies in the past, you will have a shortened cervix, and this can pose minimal problems when you are pregnant.
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Most women with cervical dysplasia go on to have normal, healthy pregnancies on down the road, with no complications or issues.
Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases that women with cervical dysplasia get. It is not a cause for concern however, and usually is remedied by having your doctor put a small stitch in your cervix to keep it from opening while you are pregnant.
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Chlamydia is so dangerous because it comes with few symptoms or even no symptoms at all, but it can cause infertility if left untreated. If your doctor thinks there are any other risks or problems relating to your pregnancy resulting from your cervical dysplasia, he or she will be sure to discuss them with you so you can make sure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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