How can u get pregnant on birth control

Maybe I missed the boat somewhere, but I always thought there was some sort of two- to three-month grace period between giving birth and getting knocked up again. They decided to go ahead and start trying for another baby shortly after his birth, thinking it would take quite some time again.
Yeah, you might want to think about making sure your birth control is in check unless you're totally prepared for another nine months of pregnancy.
Ummm got pregnant ON birth control… Quite the surprise baby but I am so glad she is here!

I got pregnant while switching birth control (from the shot to the pill) and got pregnant despite the fact that there was no lapse in birth control. We never thought it would take so long, but somehow the decision for treatment took all the pressure out of trying to become pregnant. My doctor told me that I should get off the shot if I wanted to try to get pregnant within a year, since the average time-frame for ovulation once you are off the shot is 9 months.
This means that a woman could technically ovulate and get pregnant within a month after stopping birth control.

After one year a doctor wrote infertile on my chart and told me to see a specialist (this was at my yearly check up when he asked what i was using for birth control and found out it had been almost a year).

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