How can i get pregnant to a boy

Orgasm is another one of the things that helps produce a more alkaline environment that is conducive to producing boys!
Boy sperm hate heat, so wearing boxers may help your man to keep things cool and breezy for the boys down there.
This one is definitely an old wives’ tale, but the legend is, having sex on the night of a quarter moon guarantees a boy!
Some people swear that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy by having your man down a cup of coffee before sex. For example, many experts believe that the boy sperm prefer a more alkaline environment, so eating “man” foods like red meat, salty snacks, and soda are all good ways to increase the alkalinity of the body and make the body a better fit for having a baby boy. Also, choosing positions that allow for deeper penetration like doggy style or standing sex will help to deposit the sperm closer to the egg, which can help increase the chances of having a baby boy.

Having sex as close as possible to ovulation day is also supposed to increase the chance of having a baby boy, and some experts say that having an orgasm can increase the alkalinity of the vagina and help increase the chances of having a baby boy.
Ovulation predictor kits are now widely available at drug and grocery stores everywhere, or you can do a quick web search for a ton of tips on how to tell when you are ovulating.
For some reason, boy sperm prefer alkaline environments, which means environments that are less acidic.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
If you are really serious about having a baby boy, you can opt for the most expensive options of things like Microsort and PGD, which literally sorts the boy sperm and girl sperm for the best chance of conceiving the wanted gender. You can use the calender to determine which month you should try to conceive in to get the baby gender that you are hoping for.

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Well, experts say that cough medicines that contain the ingredient guaifenesin can help to thin mucus membranes in the cervix, helping those little swimmers to get through. Many women actively take cough medicine as an over-the-counter remedy to help with their cervical mucus to get them pregnant faster, and now perhaps it may work better to conceive the baby boy you’ve been longing for.

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