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While Fisher’s diagnosis of “incompetent cervix” in December 2012 came as a shock, not all high-risk situations are a complete surprise.
A pregnancy can also be considered high risk if the mother has a history of miscarriage or pre-term labor, if she has had multiple cesarean sections, or if she is carrying multiple babies. A genetic counselor, referred by your OB-GYN or high-risk specialist, can help guide you through available tests and determine if any might be helpful for you. If your doctors believe you or your baby will need care from a particular specialist, or a transfer to a different hospital, meet with the specialist or someone from that hospital in advance and have a conversation about what will happen after your baby is born, urges Berkowitz. After her eventful ultrasound appointment, Jessica Fisher was sent to UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, where doctors administered medication to still contractions she couldn’t even feel, performed surgery to close her cervix, and put her on bed rest – for four months.
Fisher’s advice to anyone with a high-risk diagnosis is to be ready to let go of your plans.

Pregnant with twins after two years of frustration and fertility treatments, she was at a 19-week ultrasound where she would learn whether she was having boys or girls. If your regular OB-GYN tells you that your pregnancy is high risk but doesn’t offer a referral to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, ask whether you need one. Depending on the reasons your pregnancy is considered high risk, you might need to plan for extra time off work, more frequent doctor visits, medication, or changes to your diet and physical activity levels. A high-risk specialist should be able to give you a clear understanding of the health risks you and your child are facing, and what can be done to lessen those risks and deal with complications.
This non-invasive test is given during the first trimester, and lets doctors examine fetal DNA in the mother’s blood.
There’s nothing that should be private from you.” Put all your information together in a binder, organized by date, so that your doctors can look at all of the information together.

Don’t let your doctor think your medication isn’t working, for example, when the real problem is that you haven’t been taking it.
Kahn points out that no doctor can prevent a child from being born with Down syndrome or a heart defect, for example.

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