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Get FREE access to my 7 Simple Steps for Healthier Families Guide + my newsletter & special health deals! Chris became especially interested in fertility and hormone health when he and his wife had trouble conceiving and his research led him to unconventional answers about diet, lifestyle and stress. Chris talks about the developmental origins hypothesis, or the idea that the diet of the mother (and father) before pregnancy and during pregnancy (for the mother) have an impact on the lifelong health of the child. He talks about some amazing statistics on how birth weight and health at birth correlates to risk of heart attack and other problems. Chris talks about specific foods and nutrients that traditional cultures have included in pregnancy diets for years and that research is now showing are still important.
Foods like healthy fats, organ meats, broth, fermented foods and an abundance of vegetables all play an important role in a baby’s development in the womb and deficiencies in any of these can have drastic consequences.
Folic acid is considered an important nutrient during pregnancy, but we talk about how this is the synthetic form that many women are not even able to absorb, and how the natural form, Folate, is better. Chris talks about resistant starch and prebiotics and how these play a role in gut health and are just as important as probiotics for a healthy gut. We also talk about protein and starch requirements during pregnancy, how to recover from contraceptive use and much more. Chris has offered a 25% discount on his Healthy Baby Code Course with the code WELLNESSMAMA at checkout for the next two weeks.
I am definitely considering Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code Course, I was wondering when the 25% off code expires, I could not find a date on this page.
It’s not at all uncommon for pregnant women to experience cravings for different kinds of food.

There are healthy ranges of weight gain, but it still depends greatly on the individual and their health.
As her name suggests, Mama Natural is an expert at all things natural parenting, natural pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Please join us for a listen and to learn all things natural and organic when it comes to quitting sugar, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, if you haven’t already, please subscribe by going to this link for the Wellness Mama Podcast.
In this episode, Stefani and Noelle discuss exercise when trying to get pregnant, eating healthy while traveling abroad, and kitchen utensils.
We are SO blessed to have Keep it Real Food Company as an official supporter of the podcast.
Katie has upped the ante, and is offering The Paleo Women Podcast community FOUR free Seed & Nut Bars with ANY purchase!
He researched to find his own health answers after conventional medicine wasn’t able to help his chronic disease and he now works to help others improve their health and their lives through better nutrition and lifestyle. They went on to conceive and have a healthy (and beautiful) daughter and it is now a mission for him to help other couples do the same.
Babies with low birth weight were at increased risks for these problems, but babies born with a healthy weight and at full term had a lower risk.
Research is now showing that babies culture their gut bacteria and set the blueprint for gut health during the birthing process when they come in contact with mom’s flora. I love it when all the information for a certain topic like pregnancy is brought together so concisely.

My husband is taking supplements recommended by his doctor to increase his sperm health and count. Good thing is that now I can make a difference on my son’s life and the next time I get pregnant.
The “eating for two” concept is really more about the added importance of key nutrients and maybe adding a healthy snack in the afternoon or before bed.
If you are “pregnant or may become pregnant” this episode is incredibly important for you! Drake encourages women to indulge cravings for healthy foods, but to put some thought into the cause of cravings for junk foods.
Drake believes that the types of things you are doing before pregnancy are usually ok to do while pregnant. A woman with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) should gain about 25 pounds in their pregnancy.
Now a mom of 2 healthy girls- 4 year old and 15 moth old, hope for another healthy pregnancy.
It wasn’t until I started to look into Paleo for myself about 7mo ago that I learned about gut health.

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