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Every first Tuesday of the month we, at Unique Ultrasound, host a free seminar on nutrition, focused on having a healthier pregnancy and baby! You can learn more of the remarkable results, not only during pregnancy but for your entire family by attending our monthly seminars. Helping You Have a Healthy PregnancyAt Unique Ultrasound we take the health of both Mom and baby very seriously, our goal is for every pregnancy to be a healthy pregnancy. Most information from this article is from "Health & Wellness Newsletter of Juice Plus" Summer 2006 issue. Since it took Penny so long to get pregnant and because she needed some medical assistance to get pregnant in the first place, she was nervous about adding anything to her diet that her doctor didn't recommend.
Odom and his nursing staff noticed that with the Juice Plus+® moms, they were seeing fewer Caesarean deliveries (“Csections”), fewer premature deliveries, and a lower incidence of preeclampsia – a condition of late pregnancy that is characterized by high blood pressure and that can be potentially lifethreatening to both mother and baby.

Odom compared pregnancy outcomes by reviewing the medical records of all 356 patients after delivery.
The newsletter campaigns for Healthy Woman was geared to help women to stay healthy and active during pregnancy. Odom and his expectant mothers learned that good nutrition – including Juice Plus+® – really can make a difference in the health and wellness of people of all ages and at all stages of life. This project involved coordinating multiple vendors and dynamic content generated for varying newsletter templates.
Odom carefully documented and analyzed the outcome of more than 350 pregnancies within his group practice over an almost three-year period. Pregnancy is a very physically demanding nine months: there’s such a rapid acceleration of tissue growth and, as a result, a rapid acceleration of free radical damage [oxidative stress].

Odom “matched” subjects for age, ethnicity, prior pregnancies, and insurance status – “everything I could think of to make sure that the two groups were as close to identical as possible” – and ended up with 178 mothers in his Juice Plus+® group and 178 in his non-Juice Plus+® comparison group. Odom’s findings have led to the initiation of a methodologically rigorous (prospective, doubleblind, placebo-controlled, and randomized) clinical trial of the impact of Juice Plus+® on pregnancy health currently underway at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

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