Having a healthy baby at 43

Uma Thurman meanwhile didn't plan on having any more children after the two children she had with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, until she met new man Arpas Busson. And while many do go on to have happy, healthy children after this, the fact is that others don't: it would be naive at best to assume your body can be co opted into doing whatever you want it to regardless of age.
Note: The article below is an excerpt from my book Give Your Baby a Higher IQ Through Better Nutrition.

Jessica RamerFort Lauderdale Environmental Health ExaminerJessica Ramer is a certified math teacher who has taught at both the high school and community college level. Yesterday, the BBC presenter revealed her new baby was also conceived naturally, saying: ‘I had no wish to go down the IVF route again after all those years.
Cherries should be organic as well.• Establish the habit of buying and preparing the healthy foods that have been linked to higher IQs and improved school performance in children.

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