Having a girl baby first

The reality-star-turned-yoga-guru is expecting her first child with her fiancé Andy Carroll. The couple - who were recently mocked by fans after revealing snaps of their new pink-themed home - are expecting their first baby together, and former TOWIE star Billi has already got a bump to show for it. While Andy already has two children – four-year-old daughter Emily Rose and a two-year-old son Lucas – it will be 26-year-old Billi’s first child.

I just had my ultrasound yesterday and the tech said that she was a pretty sure it was a girl but, she wasn't 100% sure.
Well, both my finace and I really really wanted a boy (I am not really sad with the thought of a girl but, I kind of had my heart set on a boy) as, he already has 2 girls.

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