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Morriss is the co-founder and CEO of GenePeeks, a Boston-based startup that aims to help parents using a sperm or egg donor have healthy babies. By contrast, the new test looks for mutations in the entire genetic sequences of a prospective parent and potential donor, which, when paired together, could result in a child with a rare disease. By analyzing these virtual baby genomes, the company determines the risk that a child from those parents will have one of those 500 genetic diseases. Offering safer and more responsible choices to all- through DIY Baby™ The ONLY 'AI Only' Sperm Donations Site in the World! There are currently over 4000 free AI Only sperm donors registered- view basic listings for free here! FSDW are also creating a FREE Donor Dad Registry for all FSDW sperm donors and past recipients (now parents) where no real names need to be used, protecting all from legal issues should either party decide to sue for financial support or shared custody.
If you want your child to have information about their origins even though the man donation sperm will remain known as 'Donor Dad' and not father, then you have come to the right place. Baby Mia, who weighed 6lb 2oz at birth, made medical history as Britain's first internet sperm baby - conceived with sperm supplied by a stranger on FSDW. These comments convey our own thoughts about why the FDA, HFEA and others are so keen to stop private free sperm donation practices. FSDW members are a mixture of single women, lesbian and infertile couples- from all over the world- who are committed to safe and responsible sperm donation. The FSDW site is set up like a dating site- but with members joining to connect with sperm donors. Through DIY Baby™ we offer related services- looking at the wider issues- and not just the journey to pregnancy through sperm donor conception. DIY Baby™ offer a range of products and services- from home self-insemination kits, fertility aids, private sperm donor agreement documents to fun and funky pregnancy wear and items.
In a range of news articles within Australia a gorgeous FSDW baby was mentioned- however what wasn't hightlighted was that Jacob's parents chose to offer him the opportunity to meet his 'donor daddy' and know of his origins- and they chose a man who they felt happy to fill this role. The authorities appear to believe that men are no longer donating sperm to clinics because they can remain anonymous- and it is true in part; men do not want a child who they have no knowledge of just turning up at their doorstep at 18. Also ask about our DIY Baby™ workshops and pamphlets- supporting families with donor conceived children.
Over 2600 babies are known to have been created by our wonderful 'DIY Baby' sperm donors- with apparently more sperm donors - and therefore more success stories- than through regulated clinics.
Again **** thank you for the opportuity you have given me by creating your site, without it I would not have found a donor.
Yes we have been successful after 3 years of trying - and we are both pregnant by the same donor!
We were very happy to find your site, couldn't believe there were so many men out there ready to donate for nothing, just for a chance to be a father or help someone out.
Sperm donors losing their anonimity is happening worldwide- and why FSDW is becoming increasingly popular.
Hi , I just wanted to let you know that I wish to cancel my subscription to your profiles site for now as we have succesfully found a suitable donor (Yay!!) I'm so pleased and cannot wait to get started!!! The HFEA and other regulatory bodies are trying to close down private free sperm donation sites. Most of these websites, however, simply provide a facility for women to make contact with potential donors and the individuals make their own arrangements.
In contrast, fertility clinics operate within specific safeguards, which include screening donors prior to donation and storing samples for six months before use to ensure the male donor is negative for HIV. This is because last June, Jessica, 36, flew to Copenhagen and was artificially inseminated with the sperm of an anonymous Danish donor — and more and more British women are doing exactly the same thing.

Jessica paid ?460 for the treatment at Stork Klinik, set up by midwife Nina Stork in 1991 specifically for single women and lesbians. The head of the world’s biggest sperm bank, one of 15 private clinics in Denmark, says the number of women travelling to the country for treatment has soared. Mr Schou believes the compensation scheme in the UK is also complicated and puts off donors. Laura Witjens, chair of the National Gamete Donation Trust, which campaigns in Britain to increase the number of sperm, egg and embryo donors, explains her theory why: ‘The sperm banks in Denmark are much more professionally run than here.
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Please do NOT choose a sperm bank as your child cannot have information about themselves until 18 at the earliest. The donor is a kind man and has helped other couples with great success he has 4 children already and one on the way, fingers crossed he will soon have 2 on the way! The contact can be retained using FSDW as a third party but without needing to share information that could be used against you. Most FSDW donors welcome the opportunity to be contacted by the child is he or she wishes- or to just answer questions. More information and the potential for earlier contact with the biological father where all parties are in agreements- than is the norm through conventional arrangements regarding sperm donation - eg through a clinic. All enjoy being able to make their own arrangement- with some sperm donors choosing to have no involvement post conception, some happy to take on an uncle type role and many willing to discuss a more proactive arrangement- even to formally co-parent.All pages in the FSDW Members Only Area are private- and not publically listed by google. There are no guarantees- and everyone is expected, as responsible adults, to carefully consider whether the decision to procede with a private donation or co-parenting agreement is right for them and to take steps to protect themselves at all time.
She is aware of the additional difficulties experienced by children who were conceived through sperm donation. I believe that these amazing men donate through FSDW as it offers them more options regarding who they donate to, and on what terms. But the HFEA claims that the websites are putting women’s health at risk because they are unregulated and there is no official way of screening the donors for sexually transmitted infections such as HIV. Cryos International, based in Aarhus, was set up in 1987, has 427 donors on its books and supplies sperm to 65 countries.
Also, I think we live in a society that’s less inclined to share, whereas the Danish are not so uptight.’In Denmark, the rules on sperm donation are more flexible than the UK. Emotional 'risk' to the child is far more important to our members than the supposed health risks- risks that can be reduced by getting private sperm donor testing and screening. The FSDW behaviour code and high expectations for behaviour in the Free Sperm Donations Worldwide secure, moderated, members area. His biological father (donor dad) would have had no choice in who his sperm would go to- ie who would raise his child- even though he isnt actively involved or wanting any parental rights. Many are happy for an update of the baby at birth and to be contactable by email should there be any health questions later in life etc, some to be a distant uncle and some to co-parent! I cannot decribe how happy i am, she is just perfect and her big brother adores her! It is thanks to this website where i found the right donor, who is also very happy to have given our family a little girl, and we will remain friends.
The Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority (HFEA) last week announced that it plans to launch an investigation into the legality of websites set up to put women in contact with sperm donors.
Instead it is the sole responsibility of the individuals involved to make arrangements to be screened and ensure that the donor is disease free. They have helped create an industry around getting pregnant and don’t like the idea that there are some aspects of it that they cannot regulate or control. She had to be cleared for sexually transmitted diseases before the clinic would agree to treat her, and underwent an hour-long phone interview with a nurse to discuss her motivation for having a child.

Half of all women who have treatment in Denmark have come from abroad.‘We have a lot more donors than in the UK where there is a real shortage, thanks to the laws being changed on anonymity,’ says Ole Schou, its managing director and founder.
And in April 2005, anonymity for donors in the UK was removed, meaning donor-conceived children can now find out the identity of their father when they turn 18. Donors can choose to be identifiable or anonymous, with 80 per cent choosing to remain secret.  Jessica decided to pick an anonymous donor.
Through FSDW they attempt to reduce these risks- NI is not allowed- only AI (for self-insemination) with no payment for sperm and an anomymity. If you read articles about children conceived using sperm from fertility clinics you will realise how little the authorities have to offer the child. This is not a site where men choose to donate sperm anonymously- it is a site where they can make their own choices about the whole process. As children deserve to know where they come from, any arrangement that allows for increased information (even when the donor plays no active parenting role) is promoted. The sperm donor and Jacob's parents should be congratulated- not condemned by authorities for using fresh sperm (even though they used AI and not sex) which wasnt quarantined. Again the authorities are missing the point- and in their rampage against the free sperm donations site they will alienate people still further.
As of Jan 2011 Free Sperm Donations Worldwide (FSDW) donors were been given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire to give to recipients- that can then be shared with the resulting child in a sensitive way, at an appropriate time. They ran a website that couriered fresh samples from donors to women for home insemination. The same number of donors are registering, but a significant proportion are now creating a single pregnancy for someone they know.’There has also been a rise in same-sex couples having children. The more sperm the clinic sells, the more money it makes.Jessica, a journalist, who lives alone in a one-bedroom flat in Denmark Hill, South London, fell pregnant on that first attempt, and her daughter is due this month.
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority insists that the number of donors has barely altered since 2005, but there seems to be an acknowledgment that the shortage of sperm and egg donors has reached crisis point. The constant theme which caused distress was being lied to, or having their feelings denied.‘Most research says the best approach is to be honest from when your child asks about who their dad is. These longed for children are the product of Lucy’s eggs and donor sperm from the United States. We should be talking about the real issues relating to modern parenting and sperm donation arrangements worldwide - issues the authorities seem determined to ignore. Making him real even if the arrangement is that he is simply the sperm donor daddy, and no more, post conception. I don’t know what I’ll say, but I’ll find a form of words.‘And I’m planning to set up an official group so Freya gets to meet as many children like her as possible. And Jessica, who has a brother and three sisters, feels confident she has made the right choice for her.‘I don’t have a single regret. Legally, the donor remains liable for child maintenance and although couples may draw up contracts stating the donor will have no involvement in the child’s life this is not enforceable under the law. News that the NHS is opening a sperm bank next month (UK donors are in short supply) has only inflamed things further, with lesbian couples taking most of the rap. But many children are unplanned, while others end up with only one parent, and this doesn’t stop them from having a good life, especially if the child is really wanted.

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