Having a baby unplanned

It meant making a space outside of my uterus to welcome a baby, in a home that I could actually be proud of. The good news is that having a big crazy talk with yourself and your baby daddy will definitely clear a few things up. Unplanned pregnancies are more likely to result in premature births, lower birth weights, and higher rates of infant illness and death (Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs, 2004).

But a baby can also bring into sharp focus what was otherwise blurry: your net worth, your career options, and your real ambitions.
I may have been a grown woman with a job, a 401(k), and even a husband who was happy about being blindsided, but I felt about as emotionally qualified to have a baby as any cast member of 16 and Pregnant. If having a kid together on the fly screws up the relationship, you must consider it a sad but positive lesson learned early.

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