Having a baby on a full moon

Check out this author's intriguing theory—best tested by parents of large families—about the relationship between the moon phase and when a mother gives birth.
While working on tide charts, I stumbled on a very important relationship between the age of the moon and the birth of babies. There is a need here for further study, but I believe that if a woman's first child has a normal birth she can help to predict the arrival date of future children by using the moon phase calendar. The Duke and Duchess do not know the sex of their baby and want it to be a surprise when he or she is born. The apparent shape of a waxing moon can be matched with a waning moon to appear as a perfect circle.

The age of the moon refers to a specific point in the lunar cycle, with the day of the new moon being zero, the next day one, and so on. Those who like to play the favorite guessing game of predicting the new baby's birthday now have some help. In fact, some women who are having their first baby and have tight abdominal muscles may never look like they have dropped. I checked out the age of the moon for the day of my birth and found the moon was ten days old. For instance, moonmates produce the same  gravitational pull on the earth, as evidenced in tides.

Your baby is protected inside the amniotic bag from the germs and bacteria that live out here, so enjoy your bath, or swim in the ocean or pool.
Lots of people say if your mother had a tough delivery, so will you — or, that if you were a big baby, you'll in turn have a big baby.
Also, if you were a big baby, it does not necessarily mean that you will deliver a big baby.

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