Having a baby joy

The study, commissioned by Morrisons, also found parents spend an average of ?3,388 on baby products in the year after their child’s birth. More than half of parents (54 per cent) say ‘tiring’ is the word that best describes their first year with a baby.The most common causes of arguments are whose turn it is to change nappies (33 per cent) and do the night feeds (24 per cent).
Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, the fun and happiness of having a little one cannot be matched with anything else.

One in five of the 3,000 parents polled said they did not receive enough attention from their partner after the birth of their baby.Nearly 40 per cent considered it the ‘biggest learning experience of their lives’.
Every time she does this, not only will it make her look cuter than she already is, it will also make you proud to have a baby girl who looks up to you.9. Whether you have a baby girl or a baby boy, it hardly matters.If you have a baby boy, there are certain things that will be exclusive to your experience.

Every baby is different, and you will have to understand your baby boy for what he feels and the way he is.

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