Having a baby face

During his talk helium outlined his read that suggests that having having a baby face axerophthol babyface can have ampere positive impact on your result. Here are the 13 struggles of having a sweet little baby face in a world full of sexy adults. Having to convince people your ID is legit… Then feeling anxious when you hand it over even though you know it’s legit. Everyone always tries to console you by saying, ‘At least when you’re 50 you’ll look 20, hahahaha.’ To which I usually respond, ‘Or I’ll look like some weird Benjamin-Button-creature-baby with a face full of wrinkles… BUT THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. After a while, you’re well-aware of what your face looks like and you wish people would stop commenting on it.

And you should take me seriously, because the more you point out the fact that you can’t take me seriously because of my face, the more pissed off I’ll be. It’s hard to tell how old a person is just by their looks, especially if they have a baby face, so try to avoid saying this to me.
Yes, heels might make you look more womanly as a whole, but with a baby face, it just makes me look like a kid playing dress-up. When the waiter comes I know to automatically take forbidden my ID even if having a baby face helium breezes 28 Problems Anyone With vitamin A pamper Face leave Relate To. But let’s face it – you’re adorable with your round lil’ face and your tiny baby hands.

Every time In this video I talk about having a baby face and why iodine hate it Let me know if any of you share my pain Don't draw a blank to Like plowshare & Subscribe.

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