Having a baby at 48 years of age

Although Berry is up there by most pregnancy age standards, she certainly isn’t the only celebrity to sport a baby bump in her 40s.
After struggling with infertility for years, Nicole Kidman welcomed her first daughter with Keith Urban in 2008. Hayek gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 2007, but a doctor reportedly told her during her pregnancy that the baby had Down Syndrome.
After their teenage son tragically died in 2009, John Travolta and Kelly Preston successfully tried for another baby. Honestly I think this is extremely sad, most of these babies they have at such an old age will lose their parents really young.

Woman Pregnant For 46 Years Gives Birth To Strange BabyIn 1955 in a little village outside of Casablanca, Zahra Aboutali, 26 years of age, is expectant with her first baby. She was anticipating having her baby, but after 48 hrs of being in labour and in lots of pains, she was rushed to the neighborhood hospital.Doctors notified her that she would certainly need an operation of the Caesarean Section. If you have a child in your 40s and you’re the average American, you should be in your last years when your child hits age 40.
It also can detect Downs, which is mostly likely why women over 45 are at very high risk for a downs baby but none of these celebrities are having any. The average age of menopause is 51, so it’s completely possible the eggs were their own.

Needless to say after she came clean with her douche bag second husband of 2 years who is 52. Years on when Zahra was 75 years old, the sharp labour pain suddenly returned.Her son being concerned for his mother's well-being wanted her to see a specialist.
He could see it was a calcified structure of some sort, but it took a detailed MRI scan to reveal that it was the baby Zahra had conceived 46 years earlier.

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