Having a baby at 42

I was shaken to the core – I’d always assumed we’d have a baby.The following week – coincidentally – I had an appointment with fertility expert Dr Zhai.
After three years of trying for a baby, we had tests in 2006 to establish why I wasn’t falling pregnant. I had the backing and support of friends, family and doctors, who were pragmatic about the risks of having a baby later in life, and I kept fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy.

I was admitted to hospital and scanned every day and the baby’s heartbeat was checked three times a day. I even considered having a hysterectomy.At our first private appointment, my consultant – who specialises in recurrent miscarriages – explained that he wanted to ensure my uterus was healthy before going ahead with treatment. I was born with a partial septum (dead tissue) of the uterus – I wasn’t physically able to carry a baby to term.

I still occasionally get ‘down’ days about not having had my own child, but it helps knowing I’m not the only one who feels this way, and Alex has made everything worthwhile.

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