Having a baby at 40 autism

Scientists have found that older women are more likely to have autistic children, regardless of the father's age. Women's eggs deteriorate in quality as they get older and they develop more abnormalities which can make it harder to conceive and makes health problems more likely during pregnancy and in the baby.
What’s important about this research is that it debunks common myths that say older mothers are entirely to blame for baby abnormalities.
Children born to a parent over 35 are at greater risk for developing an autism spectrum disorder - but the risk is the same whether just one or both parents are older, researchers said.The findings, from University of Aarhus School of Public Health in Denmark, cast doubt on the theory that older sperm or eggs have more mutations that could increase the odds of having a child develop autism.

In the new study, children born to fathers in their late thirties had up to a 28 per cent higher risk of being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder than kids born to fathers under age 35. Men who wait to have children may be putting their future kids at an increased risk of autism and schizophrenia.
Children whose mothers had them in their late 30s were 21 to 37 per cent more likely to develop autism than children with mothers under 35. The researchers point out that the risks of having a developmentally or mentally challenged child are slim, even for older parents, but they also note that rising rate of autism over recent years is linked, at least in part, to the fact that men are becoming parents later in life.

They focused on families where parents had zero signs of mental disorders, yet who gave birth to a child who eventually developed autism or schizophrenia. Of course, we can’t discount the fact that autism may be more diagnosed nowadays, simply because doctors now know what to look for.

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