Have i conceived a girl

How to Know If Boy or Girl - 5 Tips MenShould Know for Conceiving a baby boy or girlIf conceiving a baby boy or girl is essential for you and also you wish to be a parent,then pay close attention because they tips are for you. By charting your cervical mucus for one full month, you should be able to pinpoint exactly when you are ovulating.[6] Shettles recommends sexual intercourse up to 3 days before ovulation in order to increase your odds of conceiving a girl.
Seek counseling before attempting any of these methods if you have any moral or ethical dilemmas concerning gender selection. Other people simply would prefer to raise a girl, either because they already have one or more boys, or in the case of a single mother, it might be easier to raise a daughter alone.

Some research suggests that diet can influence whether you have a girl or a boy, although the research is doubted by some.[9] Specifically, researchers say that a diet of magnesium and calcium may be helpful in conceiving a girl.
The Chinese birth chart is determined by the mother's age and the month of conception, so figure out how old you are and which month on the lunar calendar would produce a girl. A simplified example would be if a woman is 25, she should try to conceive in the months of January, April, May or July. After a while, the idea is that the Y-sperm will have traveled further down the column than the X-sperm, and X-enriched sperm can be isolated.

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