Has anyone got pregnant at 46

Berry, who has said she has type 1 diabetes, has a daughter, Nahla, 5, from a previous relationship. If Berry is controlling her diabetes, which it appears she is, she shouldn’t have any issues with a healthy pregnancy, experts say.
In the news last week Michelle who at 44 has just announced her pregnancy, she will be 45 when baby arrives!
Over the past 20 years that I have trained pregnant women one year (2011) I had 5 clients who were all over 40 with their first yet I have only had one client naturally conceive both her baby’s over the age of 42. Ellen Arnison  aged 42, gave birth to a healthy son, now five. “Being pregnant in my forties was tougher than in my thirties,” says Arnison, author the blog, “In A Bun Dance”.

I know I wont be experimenting with my forty something fertility and will certainly be relying on contraception!  I hope Michelle manages to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and everything goes well with her birth. The 46-year-old actress, the first African American to win a Best Actress Academy Award (for Monster’s Ball in 2002), announced she was pregnant. Klein suspects many celebrities do, is a routine treatment that has enormous success rates. My client Rachel at 43 carried twins and trained with me twice a week during her entire pregnancy earlier this year. Even in women using the assistance of IVF (in vitro fertilization), there has never been a clearly documented case of a baby being born from an IVF pregnancy in a woman older than age 45 using her own eggs.

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