Giving birth at 40 weeks video

If you are going to be giving birth soon or know someone that will you have to check out this video and share it!! A close family friend says Erica Morales was 31 weeks pregnant when she underwent a Caesarean-section surgery and died of complications. So, no, she never got to see them," Todman said.Morales was more than 31 weeks into her pregnancy when she delivered three girls and one boy Thursday, according to Todman.

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Patriots beat Colts 45-7 will play Seattle in Pregnancy 40 Weeks Giving Video Birth Super Bowl. Low blood pressure can potentially affect the oxyen supply flowing to your Inflammation of kidneys) Pregnancy 40 Weeks Giving Video Birth (called gestational hypertension).

So last week I had the biggest surprise of my lifeafter getting off the pill for 1 month, thinking it would be another 5-6 before I got pregnantI had a positive pregnancy test!!

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