Getting ready for pregnancy after 40

Ask your doctor how to increase your chances of conceiving and what lifestyle changes you can make to assure you have a healthy pregnancy. Discuss whether you will be able to continue using any medications you are currently taking while you try to conceive and while pregnant or breastfeeding.
Evaluate with your doctor which health problems are most important for you to address before pregnancy. High blood pressure can sometimes temporarily develop in pregnant women and some research suggests the risk increases with age. If you're on any medication for a chronic condition, such as hypothyroidism, you should take a blood test before attempting to conceive to make sure it's under control. You should also strive to get extra protein, preferably in the form of lean meats, nuts, eggs, and legumes. Dairy products are also important during pregnancy due to the calcium and vitamin D they contain. There are a variety of foods that are off limits during pregnancy as they can be harmful to a fetus. Being overweight during pregnancy increases the risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Work with your health provider prior to conceiving on achieving a healthy weight for your height.

Close monitoring of the fetus throughout pregnancy is important if you're over 40, as it can prevent the likelihood of pregnancy loss. The chances for multiple births depend on a variety of factors, but certain fertility treatments increase the rate.
Your doctor may perform blood work to check for immunity to diseases such as rubella and chickenpox. Women of any age have their blood pressure monitored regularly during pregnancy, so your physician will strive to make sure your blood pressure is under control. Injections start two to three days into the menstrual cycle and continue for seven to 12 days. Dietary changes are important during pregnancy as you'll need increased amount of certain nutrients during pregnancy.
Tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drugs of any kind will be off-limits during pregnancy, so you should avoid using such substances while you're trying to conceive. Exercise is safe and even encouraged during pregnancy, and there are a variety of pregnancy-safe exercises you should be engaging in before and during your pregnancy.
Walking, stationary biking, yoga, swimming, and weight lifting are generally safe for pregnant women. While many women do deliver healthy babies after 40, miscarriages due to preexisting health conditions and hormonal abnormalities become more common.

A geneticist will take an overview of your family tree and also do blood work on you and your partner to evaluate your risk for passing on certain diseases. However, pregnancy after 40 still poses some additional risks and complications to the mother and baby. However, due to an increased risk of pregnancy-related complications, the likelihood of a C-section increases with age. If you're underweight prior to pregnancy, you'll be expected to gain more weight throughout your pregnancy and if you're overweight you'll be expected to gain less. You should also minimize caffeine intake, as caffeine should only be used in moderation during pregnancy.
Make sure you prepare for the emotional impact pregnancy loss will have on you, in the event that it occurs. Preparing yourself before you become pregnant can help you get your body in condition for a successful pregnancy. These meds have about a 50% success rate for conception and delivery, but only if the patient is not ovulating.

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