Getting pregnant virgin

The number of virgin births, or pregnancies among heterosexual women who've never had sex, is on the rise. Four major British IVF firms claim that within the las five years, they've assisted in the pregnancies of at least 25 heterosexual single women who claim to have never had sexual intercourse, The Telegraph reported. Some criticize these virgin births, claiming that women who are not emotionally ready to have sex aren't ready to have a baby, either.

Despite this criticism, Laura Witjens, chief executive of the National Gamete Donation Trust, said the children of these rare virgin mothers come out just fine.
While some say that bringing up a child in a non-traditional setting such as this could have consequences, others have upheld the idea that these virgin mothers are actually more emotionally stable than mothers who have been left to bring up a child alone due to a failed relationship. Although the identity of these women has not been released, Maha Ragunath, director of the Care Fertility clinic in Nottingham, which treated three of these virgin pregnancies, said women who choose to undergo the treatment are from diverse backgrounds — some still live with their parents while others have full-time careers.

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