Getting pregnant late thirties

From where I sit (yes, I have a bourgeois, New York–centric view of the world), it's commonplace to see women in their late thirties and older experiencing motherhood for the first time. Of course, not every woman need wait until she nears her late thirties to have a baby (though having kids by your mid-twenties almost strikes me as a teenage pregnancy).
You say, “though having kids by your mid-twenties almost strikes me as a teenage pregnancy.” I was 25 and a first-year associate when I became pregnant with baby #1, and I encountered a lot of that attitude.
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Stats suggest 92% of couples can get pregnant after two years of trying, but most couples are advised to visit your doctor if you've tried for a year without success.

Younger women are more fertile so the earlier you start trying the easier it is to fall pregnant. For women in their early thirties it takes an average of seven to ten months, while for women in their later thirties often fall pregnant after ten to twelve months of trying. The statistics are reassuring as even in their late thirties 65-70% fall pregnant within a year of trying to conceive. Sure, some ladies will get pregnant on their first try at 40, but others will fail entirely. Moreover, the number of pregnancies in the late period of productivity, when a woman is in her late thirties or even in early forties, has increased.

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The one thing that I think bears mention is that while there is age-related infertility there are also women who face challenges because of some medical issue that is not diagnosed until later in life.
Until my OBGYN showed me real numbers I honestly had no idea of the higher risks later in life, having just heard tidbits and rumors.

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