Getting pregnant late 40's

What are my chances of getting pregnant naturally in my 40s What are my pregnancy in the 40s chances of getting pregnant with fertility treatment What are the pros and cons of. Life was just returning to an even keel when, in September 2011, a bombshell struck: I was pregnant again. Despite a trouble-free pregnancy, I could sense a feeling of caution whenever I went for a scan or a check-up, as if my pregnancy were a freak accident that was bound to end in tears.
When you get wind of people Indiana the world sports stadium who are pregnant pregnancy in the 40 year olds in their 40s the obvious distrust is that they've availed themselves of fertility. Various experts had told her that her eggs would be too old or that IVF would represent her only chance of conceiving, but despite that she fell pregnant naturally — twice — once, with twins, that she sadly miscarried, and subsequently with an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the removal of one of her Fallopian tubes. It is no thirster unusual for women to wait until they are inward their late 30s or too soon 40s to have their inaugural chil.
This gene is passed on to their children, who can have babies later in life, too.Whatever the reason for my mid-life fertility burst, I was delighted. And it seems my experience certainly isn’t unusual.Jan Andersen, a freelance writer and editor, discovered she was pregnant at 40.

But a month later she was pregnant again — and in January this year Deborah gave birth to her son, Oliver.
After 20 years of trying and a series of heartbreaking failed IVF attempts, I'd given up our dream of starting a family when I fell unexpectedly pregnant, not just once - but three times.It seemed utterly impossible until our GP explained that some women have a brief burst of fertility as they approach the menopause - it seems the body naturally stimulates the ovaries more aggressively as the number of eggs decline as it attempts to keep them working. Then, four months later, on Christmas Eve 1991, I felt a stabbing pain in my side before being violently sick. I was 46 and Bernard was 64 - four babies in five years would be tough on any parents, let alone ones our age.  This time, the pregnancy was even tougher, too. It wasn’t until someone commented on my new cleavage that it occurred to me to take a pregnancy test.
I was rushed to hospital by ambulance, where doctors found I was having an ectopic pregnancy. I took four home pregnancy tests — all positive — before I made an appointment to see my GP. When she didn’t conceive, she was given the fertility drug Clomid and, a year later, had IVF.

Not only had I lost our longed-for baby, but with just one fallopian tube my chances of falling pregnant were now half what they'd ever been. After going through so much together, I felt happier and more relaxed than I ever had.'Then in March 2010, I discovered I was pregnant again, at the age of 44. Of course we would have loved a sibling for Leah, but it seemed too much to hope for.Then in March 2010, I discovered I was pregnant again, at the age of 44.
We sold the car Bernard had given me as a wedding gift and, in late 1994, spent ?2,100 on our first round of IVF.At the time, IVF was still in its infancy and the chances of success were much slimmer.

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