Getting pregnant is hard

Many women know that if you want to get pregnant, your body should be as healthy as it can be.
No, I don’t mean to say that relaxing will get you pregnant (see below for the flip side of this one).
It is equally important, especially in your relationship, to make time that isn’t about getting pregnant. Easier said than done, however, if you find yourself unable to think about anything but getting pregnant, or going to doctor’s appointments, or if your emotions feel like more than you can bear, try to take stock of your other identities - you are still a partner, friend, daughter, employee, and possibly a parent, and you have worth in these other areas of your life.
About 10 years ago, a small study drew a lot of attention when it found that women who consumed more than one cup of coffee daily were half as likely to get pregnant per menstrual cycle as those who drank less.
When you are trying to get pregnant, it might feel like you have a list a mile long of things you should and should not do to help you get pregnant. Doctors recommend that if you are under 35 that you try for an entire year to get pregnant before seeking fertility help, and for women over age 35 the recommendation is six months. If you don’t already, consider taking a prenatal vitamin, even before you get pregnant.

Another very important part of getting pregnant is knowing when your most fertile days are. However, there is research that says that working on mindfulness skills and getting quality sleep can improve the chances of your body being ready for pregnancy. Or go to infertility treatments and find that they cannot figure out why you’re not getting pregnant. You are shopping at Target, and see pregnant women everywhere and tell yourself, “Geez, seems like everyone is pregnant, except for me”. Knopman, adding that the chance of getting pregnant is about 20 percent during this time (with age varying this number), and by a year, the likelihood of conceiving decreases to about three percent.
Here's the latest news to help you: how often to have sex, when to do it, which ovulation kits work best -- and what you absolutely must do first when you're trying to get pregnant. For some women, the first clue to pregnancy comes in a pretty obvious form: a missed period.
Taking a prenatal vitamin can help get your body in the best possible shape to get pregnant, and if you do conceive, vitamins can give your baby a boost in early pregnancy.

So consider checking out a yoga class, getting a meditation CD or DVD, and ensuring a good night’s sleep by eliminating caffeine and screen time before bed.
If you have a hard time not making conceiving your whole life, consider seeking support or professional help. Especially consider folic acid as a supplement, as it is very beneficial to babies during early pregnancy. If you notice this is a struggle for you, consider getting professional help, seeking out a support group, or seeing if your insurance company covers additional forms of support (such as QuitPlan services).
Most often, both people are hurting about not being able to get pregnant, and both may be blaming themselves for it, and often feeling very helpless. It is helpful, however, to come up with a constructive way to educate others about how awful it is to hear “I know so-and-so stopped trying and they got pregnant the next month!

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