Getting pregnant at 42 after miscarriage

Numerous studies have documented the increased risk for miscarriage (pregnancy loss) and increase in infertility as women age.
The graph below shows information about miscarriage rates after IVF (using own eggs) from the 2012 CDC report.
Miscarriage rates would be higher if early miscarriages (such as "chemical pregnancies") were included.

Miscarriage rates for women with a history of infertility tend to be higher than for fertile women. The main reason for the increased risk for miscarriage in "older" women is due to the increase in chromosomal abnormalities (abnormal karyotype) in their eggs. Yes, there are women who have conceived naturally over the age of 50 and had healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

This results in lower chances for getting pregnant at all, as well as increasing the risk of miscarriage.

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