Getting pregnant after baby birth

Pregnancy, labor and delivery are still fresh in your mind, but you're wondering when you can start working on baby No. Typically, it is suggested that women wait six weeks to have intercourse after they give birth. You should never assume that you are not able to become pregnant immediately after giving birth.
Make sure that you are practicing safe sex after you give birth so that you are able to give your body the time that it needs to heal before becoming pregnant again.
Having a miscarriage is a stressful experience whether you were trying to become pregnant or not.

Because it is possible to ovulate without a period, it is also possible to become pregnant before your first period after giving birth.
While you may not want to take birth control pills if you are breastfeeding, condoms are always available and are safe to use under any circumstance. During the first few weeks after delivery you may experience pains from an episiotomy or tearing, hemorrhoids, bleeding or clot-containing vaginal discharge. Before you even think of trying for another baby, your body needs to heal from the birthing process. Your body has had nine months to go through the changes of pregnancy, and won't snap back to normal in weeks.

Office on Women's Health recommends waiting at least 12 months after giving birth before trying to get pregnant again . This gives your body the chance the make a full recovery.Ovulation ResumesAlthough there are health reasons against and risks to getting pregnant within a few months of giving birth, conception is physically possible.
If you haven't started getting your period, your baby is under 6-months-old and your baby exclusively breastfeeds without eating solid foods you have under a 2 percent chance of getting pregnant, according to the Le Leche League.

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