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Expert Robin Elise Weiss PhDc, MPH, LCCE covers a huge depth of information to help you get pregnant. Preparing for pregnancy - covering guidance for physical health, nutrition, environmental risks, exercise, emotional and financial health and stopping birth control. How pregnancy happens - detailing fantastic advice on how long you should expect it to take, your menstrual cycle and your fertility signals.
How to make pregnancy happen sooner - Weiss excellently covers techniques on how to get pregnant as quickly as possible, from tracking your cycles, through to your ovulation day and when to have sex. When you have a problem getting pregnant - Knowing when to seek help is a pitfall to many couples, our book details what signs to look out for, when and where to seek help.

Signs of pregnancy & pregnancy testing - There are more signs than just a missed period, when you receive this book you'll learn about nausea, cramping, and the other symptoms you can look out for.
Pregnancy Resources - Excellent, you're now pregnant, yet our book doesn't stop there, Weiss has covered your due date, your baby's growth, choosing a practitioner. Great book that covers everything you need to know about planning to get pregnant and pregnancy. The book was very detailed, it covered everything from preparing for pregnancy through to birth.
She covers the vital preparation techniques for pregnancy, from your health through to your delivery options once you're pregnant.

It helped my husband and I get pregnant faster (there is a section on pin-pointing ovulation). From preconception planning to birth and beyond, we have covered everything you need to know about preparing to getting pregnant and pregnancy.

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