Foods to eat for better fertility

ONE nutritionist has said that a good diet can boost fertility, here are the top 10 foods for men and women she believes couples can eat when they are trying to get pregnant. Women who ate omega-3 rich foods such as eggs and fish on a weekly basis were found to have improved fertility. You may be pressed for time in the morning but having a substantial breakfast (more than 190 calories) may improve your chances of conceiving. Eating low glycemic index carbohydrates that don't shoot up your insulin and glucose levels has been shown to improve fertility in women with PCOS, even without cutting calories.
While we recommend a low dairy intake for PCOS, a small amount of full fat dairy (1 to 2 servings a day) may actually improve your chances of getting pregnant.
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When most of us think of fertility treatment, we imagine sophisticated diagnostic testing, powerful medications, and high-tech procedures.
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Beans, tempeh, nuts, legumes and other plant-based proteins provide a rich source of iron and folate which are important for egg development and ovulation. Women in the Nurses' Health Study who consumed one to two servings of full fat dairy had better ovulation than those who had fat-free dairy.
The sun is our main source of Vitamin D; very few foods contain a good source of Vitamin D. For example, a 2013 study from the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that carotenoids (pigments in plant-based foods that act as antioxidants) may positively impact semen quality.

Yet, science now is coming full circle to take another look at the role nutrition may play in improving fertility and supporting healthy pregnancies. While many women don't start getting serious about eating healthfully until after they've become pregnant, there's increasing evidence that diet matters long before conception.
Watch your weight Unhealthy food intake—whether too much or too little—has been recognized as a contributing factor to infertility for many years. A 2012 Danish study found that eating high amounts of saturated fats lowered sperm count.This article was originally titled "Fertility-boosting Foods" in the May 2014 issue of Best Health.

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