Flying when trying to conceive

Travelling is a highly stressful event for the body with exposure to increased amounts of radiation from airport scanners, radiation during the flight and also inflight recycled air that increases exposure pathogens (which is why so many people often fall ill after flying). Many doctors say that increased radiation exposure when flying is negligible, however, the overall impact depends on the total amount of radiation a person has been subjected to, as its effects are cumulative.
In addition to the increased levels of radiation that you’re exposed to when flying, your body must fight off the barrage of pathogens from the recycled aeroplane air.

Another factor to consider if you choose to fly soon after IVF is the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) which happens when your ovaries overreact to the fertility drugs you’re taking.
It is possible to request that you not be x-rayed and instead opt for a pat down however this is not permissible in some jurisdictions such as when leaving Australia. Flying, unfortunately, causes both stress to the body and has potential to compromise the immune system.

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