First symptoms of pregnancy after conception

Sometimes a small amount of spotting or vaginal bleeding is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. Morning sickness, which can strike at any time of the day or night, is one of the classic symptoms of pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, you might find yourself turning up your nose at certain foods, such as coffee or fried foods. Early in pregnancy, increased blood circulation caused by hormonal changes may trigger frequent, mild headaches. The flood of hormones in your body in early pregnancy can make you unusually emotional and weepy. Your basal body temperature is your oral temperature when you first wake up in the morning.
Perhaps the most obvious early symptom of pregnancy is when you’ve missed your period. If you are worrying about possible early symptoms of pregnancy, you can put your mind at ease with a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests work best if you wait to take them until at least a day or two after you miss your period.
Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling because it marks the beginning of the growth of a new life in a woman’s womb.
Most of the pregnancy signs are almost similar for every woman though each pregnancy is different.
After the implantation of embryo, a woman will certainly miss her menstrual cycle in that particular month and the following months of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is one of the first signs of pregnancy during the first week when the embryo implants in your uterus.

Feeling nauseous is another common symptom which women suffer during the first week of pregnancy. Women who are eager to conceive always search for immediate symptoms of pregnancy on the very first day after ovulation. Sometimes a woman who is pregnant may still experience some bleeding or spotting around the time of the expected period.
For some women, the earliest symptoms of pregnancy appear in the first few weeks after conception. As early as two weeks after conception, hormonal changes may make your breasts tender, tingly or sore. Known as implantation bleeding, it happens when the fertilised egg attaches to the lining of the uterus – about 10 to 14 days after fertilization. This temperature increases slightly soon after ovulation and remains at that level until your next period. This possible sign of pregnancy is often what causes women to search for more details about the other pregnancy symptoms. You might not experience any of the pregnancy signs listed below until around the time you notice you’ve missed your monthly cycle. If your home pregnancy test is positive, make an appointment with your health care provider.
More than just a pregnancy symptom, this is scientific proof positive of whether you are expecting a baby or not.
Even if the pregnancy test result is negative you should try it again a few days later to be sure. It is true that hormone levels rise and several changes occur in the body of the pregnant woman.

You can experience tenderness and swelling in your breasts even in the first week of the pregnancy due to the changes in hormone level.
Being tired is quite normal during pregnancy especially during the initial and later stages.
There are no direct signs to confirm pregnancy just after conception, but several early symptoms of pregnancy can felt by women in the first week of pregnancy as the embryo develops.
Like most other symptoms of pregnancy, these food preferences can be chalked up to hormonal changes – especially in the first trimester, when hormonal changes are the most dramatic.
Fatigue or tiredness sets even as early as the first week of the pregnancy after the implantation of the embryo.
At the same time, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and increased blood production may team up to sap your energy during your pregnancy. Even though the best way to confirm a pregnancy is with a pregnancy test, many women experience several pregnancy symptoms after conception. Your missed period usually occurs nearly two weeks after the conception, but sometimes this may also happen in the first week of conception for some women. Some other causes of early pregnancy fatigue are lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels and increased levels of progesterone hormone.

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