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Nice is also considering how to ensure that lesbians and single women have the same rights as heterosexual couples for treatment if they are thought to be infertile, and whether to end rules denying treatment to those whose partners have children.
Private IVF treatment would cost the couple ?5,000 which they can't affordNow 8,000 more women a year could have the chance to become mothers without having to pay ?5,000 to private clinics.Fertility experts said the recommendations may encourage more women to delay having babies until middle age, which puts both mother and child at risk. The study, published in the Irish Medical Journal, show one in eight 40-42-year-olds succeeded in becoming pregnant with IVF or similar treatment, compared with just one in 20 in the 43-45 year age group. Just over 2 per cent of women aged 43-45 years succeeded in having a baby after availing of fertility treatment.

Its current guidance says that infertile women aged between 23 and 39 should be offered three cycles of IVF treatment free on the NHS, but many primary care trusts cannot afford to fund that many. THE IVF GAME OF CHANCE Guidance issued by the health watchdog Nice says all infertile women aged between 23 and 39 should be able to get free fertility treatment on the NHS. Age is still the number one factor which determines fertility.' Dr Gillian Lockwood, a fertility doctor and vice-chairman of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, criticised 'confused thinking' within Nice. Some primary care trusts have restricted access to fertility treatment, either by saying women can only have one or two cycles, or bringing down the maximum age.

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