Fertility test for men

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Sperm counts of 20 million per millilitre of semen and above are considered normal and a test will tell if a man's sperm count meets this level and if he has a severely low sperm count of below five million sperm per millilitre.'It basically tells the man how deep the infertility is,' Dr Herr said.
That raises the possibility of women dumping their men on the basis of a ten-minute test.A low sperm count result could also prompt men to sleep around  to prove their masculinity, Ms  Bassam said. Sperm needed to be able to move and have the right shape to fertilise an egg, she explained, and this was something which could only be confirmed by a full semen analysis.
I imagine women will do this surreptitiously by stealing his sperm post-coital because most men, faced with a gimlet-eyed fortysomething female brandishing this little device, will react like a vampire approached with a cross, or daylight.There are no guarantees in life. That's a lot cheaper than going in and having a full semen analysis,' he said.Writing in the journal Human Reproduction, Dr Herr and his team reported that their SpermCheck Fertility test was accurate 96 per cent of the time, when compared with standard lab methods. The test was very crude, she added, as it gave no indication of whether a man’s sperm count was close to 20 million per millilitre or zero. Mr Lopez admitted women could use the test to check if their partners really were mating material.‘There’s some possibility of that, where a woman says, “This is my perfect mate, but I better find out if he is fertile or not,” he said.

I doubt they will bother to go into a Boots, because men never go into Boots unless forced upon point of death.They would look at the  price tag and exclaim that ?30 is far too expensive. A full female fertility test and a full male fertility test are included in each kit, making it the only kit on the market to address the needs of both partners.
Unlike women.I imagine it is wannabe mums, hovering around 40, who will buy this damn thing, and use it as yet another cosh to hit men with. As well as selecting a suitable mate by examining his bank account, teeth, inside of his car (I have a friend who dumped a man for having sweet wrappers in the foot-well), CV, wardrobe, and his parents, women will now be able to count not only his pairs of socks that match, but his sperm."Let sleeping dogs lie.
If you do not have time to perform the test immediately, you can collect your urine in a clean glass container.
Only semen that is thinned (liquefied) should be used for testing with the Male Fertility Test.
The semen sample must be added to the Liquefaction cup at least 15 minutes before testing starts.
You may store the semen sample in the Liquefaction Cup, covered, for up to 12 hours before beginning the test.

Place the Male Fertility cassette on a flat surface with the test well facing up and the blue Reference Well to the right.Swirl Liquefaction cup before removing lid.
Semen will draw up into dropper.By gently squeezing the dropper, add ONE drop of SEMEN to the White Test Well. Let the drop soak in for at least one minute.Add TWO drops of BLUE solution to the White Test Well. Let the drops soak in for at least one minute.Add TWO drops of CLEAR solution to the same Test Well as above, which now has a blue color.
Or if two lines are visible and the color and intensity of the Test Line (round window) is darker than the Control Line (square window).Understanding Your ResultsElevated FSH may indicate that your ovarian reserve (egg quantity and quality) is low and may be interfering with your ability to become pregnant. If you receive this result further testing may be appropriate and you should see your physician.

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