Fertility over 40 forum

This is a special home for women with High FSH and over the age of 40 to discuss our special and unique concerns. For women over 40 who don’t have much time to waste, scientists are making groundbreaking advances in IVF technology.
In 2003, I got the call of my life: “You’re pregnant!” They were the words I had longed to hear for so long.

Welcome to The Fertile Chick; a down-to-earth arena to discuss all things fertility and baby specifically for us here in the beautiful country of Nigeria! Check out the sign-up box on the blog sidebar, or click here for info on our FREE Tip Sheets on fertility, pregnancy and parenting after 40, and our new online A Child After 40 Magazine, featuring top over-40 mommy bloggers, experts and the latest news on motherhood after 40!

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