Fertility in your 20s

In a non-stop world of work stress and financial woes, you really don’t need to add 'fertility freak out' to your growing list of things to fret over, particularly when your biological clock is still on your side.
Whether you want a baby right this second or just want to keep things ticking over nicely, keeping a handle on your fertility in your twenties can make a whole lot of difference when you finally do come to trying.From a purely physical standpoint, getting pregnant in your twenties is the best decade for conceiving and carrying a baby and we’ve got fertility specialist Emma Cannon on board to vouch for that. We're all guilty of putting things off to the last second, but when you're trying to make a baby, time can make or break your chances. Check in with your GPGenerally, regular sex for a year should get you somewhere in the baby-making process but if it doesn't happen like that for you, don't give up or punish one another. Women today have more ways to manage their fertility than ever before, and that means women have more choices about when they have children.

However making sure your body's primed for pregnancy and not leaving your preparation panic to the last minute is just common sense. So if you've just hit your second decade or you're almost touching your third, here's all you need to know about fertility in your twenties.
But it will of course depend on the sperm being healthy too and there being no issues with the womb as fertility is more than just a matter of a good egg."The stress effectYour twenties are naturally some of the busiest of your life, you've got a career and a million social duties to juggle and you're about to add a baby into the mix. If you are unaware of any known menstrual problems, consult your GP and deal with your concerns in a controlled environment. The last thing you want is to create a frosty boudoir.If you want to take the more personal approach towards upping your fertility then a monitor could be an option for you.

As long as your health is good just have sex in the normal way and try not to pin point it or start using ovulation sticks (which in my experience make couples reduce the amount of sex they have)."Take Emma's advice, "Be relaxed - don’t go about it as the next project". The Monitor is proven to improve the chances of conceiving quickly and you can also use it to test for pregnancy to see if you have been successful!”Perfect timingWhile having a baby in your twenties might be biology's idea of perfect, becoming a mother in your thirties can offer different advantages and disadvantages. Go with your instincts, if both you and your partner feel comfortable, healthy and in a secure relationship, then the time is right for you irrespective of age.And if the time's not right now, preserving your fertility through healthy lifestyle choices is vital.

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