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Like the Lifetime movie before it, 17 Filles presents the pact as both a desperate attempt to become part of a clique and an adolescent fantasy of communal living. But in some ways the French take may be no more blind to the realities of the Gloucester teens than the American media’s was. By seizing on the idea of a conspiracy, the press coverage largely ignored important questions about sex education and teenagers’ access to birth control. Many of the young women interviewed in The Gloucester 18 were lonely, troubled, and insecure.
There are tales for everything from your diet to how you carry your baby determining the baby's sex. The teenage birth rate in the United States is the highest in the developed world, and the teenage abortion rate is also high.
The teenage pregnancy rate decreased significantly in the 1990s; this decline manifested across all racial gourps, although teenagers of African-Amercian and Hispanic descent retain a higher rate, in comparison to that of European-Americans and Asian-Americans. The birth rate to unmarried female adolescents has been increasing steadily for most of the last 30 years.
Pregnant adolescents younger than 17 years have a higher incidence of medical complications involving mother and child than do adult women, although these risks may be greatest for the youngest teenagers. We are now going to study the case of teenage girls who get pregnant, not by accident but because they wanted it.
Unfortunately, in the USA, black teenagers often receive less support than white young people. In most cases, the young mothers have been raised by their mother only, their father having left home a long time ago or having never lived with them either.
To conclude, some girls carry the mistaken belief that the babies will give them love and nurturance. Because in the other hand MTV does nothing to dissuade them : stars of the shows like Amber Portwood, Leah Messer are highly paid to get their lives ridiculously documented and are becoming very famous. But MTV is not the only one who’s covering the subject, there are also a lot of movies that came out about the topic.
Another major reason for teen pregnancy is the lack of sexual education that teens receive at school and from their parents. The wrong message is being sent to girls all over the United States: sex is bad and shameful, but pregnancy is glamourous.
In conclusion, even if nowadays single mothers (wether they are teenagers or not) are less looked down on in the US compared to back in the 1960’s, unmarried mothers are still viewed as an issue for society.
No matter what your feelings about birth control, single parenting, or premarital sex, if you don't talk to your teenager, you won't know what she's thinking. It's also important to find out what your teen actually thinks about sex, dating, love, marriage, and birth control. Remember that teenagers, especially teen girls, are self-conscious about their changing bodies.
Although she and her sister are both relatively well-known in France (Muriel has worked as a cinematographer and camera operator for directors like Krzysztof Kieslowski, and Delphine is a successful novelist), their first idea for a feature-length film didn’t get funded. The characters in 17 Filles talk about bringing up their babies together and sharing tasks like babysitting. The biggest deviation from the real story is that the fictional characters in 17 Filles are confident, intelligent, and close. The brilliant documentary The Gloucester 18, directed by John Michael Williams and produced by Williams and Kristen Grieco Elworthy, includes interviews with several of the high-schoolers who became pregnant, as well as the school’s medical staff, and it presents pretty conclusive evidence that there was no pact. The maternity Pact is a 2010 television film directed aside Rosemary Rodriguez and stellar Thora Birch Madisen Beaty and Camryn Manheim based on the.
The psychosocial problems of adolescent pregnancy include school interruption, persistent poverty, limited vocational opportunities, separation from the child’s father, divorce, and repeat pregnancy. Although 38% of adolescents live in poor or low-income families, as many as 83% of adolescents who give birth and 61% who have abortions are from poor or low-income families. Therefore it also happens that white teenagers become pregnant (by accident or by choice) but it seems that this is more often the case of black people.

In this respect,the future mothers often feel that if their have a baby, people will consider them as adult and will respect them more.
Therefore, the teenager tends to consider almost as normal the idea of raising a child with no father around.
These girls generally don’t have a real understanding of the negatives of adolescent parenthood. They are the new targets of people magazine and are gaining more and more attention from the medias. One of the famous ones is Juno, the story of a sixteen-year old girls who has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and decides to keep the baby. Some might think this is an inspiration for teenagers and will disapprove, whereas some might think that it is a good way to prevent these issues.
However, there has been a massive boom since 2008, when hit shows like Teen Mom and Sixteen and Pregnant began to appear on popular television channels such as MTV.
Instead of educating girls on how to protect themselves, they are shown that pregnancy can lead to fame and media attention. People tend to think that gay couples take better care of their children because they have more money than single mothers.
Seventeen students were pregnant after those girls and several others created a pact to get pregnant and rear their babies together. Once that talk was out of the way, you might have thought the hardest part of parenting was behind you. First, consider your own reaction to that message, then set aside your beliefs and commit to finding out what your child thinks. Having a child of their own is seen a chance to overcome stifling boredom and to break with their parents’ drab lives.
The Coulins cast unusually attractive, uniformly skinny actresses, who do not necessarily reflect the real Gloucester teens. The girls flatly deny having made any kind of agreement, and besides, the pregnant teens didn’t socialize together.
Some of the Gloucester high-schoolers got pregnant because their ideas about birth control were sketchy or just plain wrong, but if they had a motivation, subconscious or otherwise, it was that they wanted to be noticed and to have someone to love and be loved by. Only Gloucester mayor Carolyn Kirk promptly responded that they had no confirmation of any gestation pact.
Finally one meaning student interviewed on Days after a John Major news show magazine reported that pregnancy pact facts in that location was a teen pregnancy pact at angstrom Massachusetts high school parents and school.
When pregnancy does interrupt an adolescent’s education, a history of poor academic performance usually exists. At least one third of parenting adolescents (both males and females) are themselves products of adolescent pregnancy. They don’t think about how difficult it will be to keep on going to school or to work once the baby is here. The society could however take actions to avoid those inappropriate wanted pregnancies such as detecting girls with depression or low self-esteem when they are children or in very early adolescence. It typically starts when the future moms are four and a half to eight months into their pregnancy, and usually ends when the baby is a few months old. Psychologists explain this issue with the psychology of fame : these girls want recognition and love. The movie had a big success, but also has been the subject of controversial critics and different opinions. The whole story begins when the girls make a weird pact, all of them should get pregnant in order to raise their kid together. The shows document the lives of pregnant teenagers and shows all of the hardships they have to deal with as pregnant teenagers with small financial means.
Some critics even go so far as to say that they are more written about than Angelina Jolie or even Britney Spears. The people who are the most against single motherhood are rather Republicans, conservatives or religious.

Last week, Lifetime aired The Pregnancy Pact, a fictionalized version of the story based loosely on the events as they were reported.
They chose to set the movie in their hometown of Lorient because, like Gloucester, it’s a working-class port with a fading economy.
According to Coulin, in France a teenage mother is eligible for more than 550 euros per month in welfare benefits during pregnancy, and around 750 euros per month once the baby is born, so the plan to pool resources and rent a house together is theoretically feasible. The pregnancies were spaced throughout the year, and according to the school doctor, at least one-third of the 18 chose to terminate.
Videos Astatine Gloucester richly school an alleged teenage maternity pact has resulted in xvii pregnancies atomic number 85 10 disgraceful Facts That Show the Difficulties Women Face.
Although it is difficult to establish causal links between childhood maltreatment and subsequent adolescent pregnancy, in some studies as many as 50% to 60% of those who become pregnant in early or midadolescence have a history of childhood sexual or physical abuse. Very often too, they think that their own mother will take care of the baby, which sometimes happens, but the young mothers don’t realize that their mother will not always be available and usually has her own problems to deal with. Some think that the movie glamorized teenage pregnancy which is not a good thing for today’s society and contradicts important values for certain people. The movie gives a very naive image on these girls who have absolutely no idea about what they will be confronted to, so this movie can have an impact on today’s teenagers who might think the same way they did. The original goal producers had was to dissuade young girls of getting pregnant, but it rapidly created controversy.
These 'stars’ earn up to 140, 000 dollars for just 6 months of filming, something that, with the possibility of becoming famous, attracts young girls all over the country. However, results from a national survey show that teens that took pledges in abstinence clubs only stayed virgins an average of 18 months more than non-pledgers, and are much less likely to use protection during their first sexual encounter.
And, needless to say, the cost of doctor visits and childbirth are covered by the French national health care system. But who knew that these shows were going to create even more pregnancy : Not only teens are still having children by accident, but now teens are getting pregnant on purpose. Young teens were beginning to deliberately get pregnant in order to score an audition for the show.
The show glamorizes teen pregnancy, and is creating a new problem in society: girls that get pregnant in order to become famous.
The problem with abstinence clubs is that teenagers usually still engage in sexual activity, but are not responsible about it because of the education they have received, and many young girls end up being pregnant as a result of this. Plus the matter of pregnancy, there is also the matter of being capable to handle this fame. And finally, the movie should not scare people about other teenagers who might be inspired by Juno but should make people think about what we can do to help them.
In other words, teenage mothers probably do not realize how difficult it would be for them to be accepted in society with a child, and how hard it will be for them to improve their social status. Comparing 17 Filles to Lifetime’s Pregnancy Pact is like comparing a fine Camembert to a package of Kraft Singles. This is why we believe that young girls should receive more information in school regarding teen pregnancy, and how to handle it. Despite the movie's often heavy-handed "we have a message" vibes, if you missed it on television, you can and should watch it online with your teenager, because it's a great way to open a conversation that you most likely need to have. For example we can see in the scandal magazines that Amber Portwood (star of Teen Mom, season 2) was arrested in possession of drugs and spent last Christmas in prison. Nevertheless, we believe that girls who have made the choice of keeping their child should be respected and supported by society.

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