Facts about teenage pregnancy

The epidemic of teenage pregnancy has not only created a moral dilemma, but a socioeconomic crisis.  We MUST turn things around.  Future generations are counting on us!
Now days one of things that are really getting focused in the American society is the teenage pregnancy.
In most of the cases and if you want to get the figure than its around 95% cases where the young girls have unplanned pregnancy and in most of these cases these girls are facing difficult life before being pregnant, and there life become more troublesome once they delivered baby. Another thing that the teen mothers has to face is that they have lower incomes as well as less education and the worst of all is that there children will have the developmental problems.
If you want to know the financial effects of teenage pregnancy then you will be surprised to know that around $7 billion spent in public assistance, taxes, child health care and foster care. 10 Things I Didn't Know About Pregnancy You can actually wake up seven times in one night to pee. This is because there are many researches and studies that exactly show that the children born to under 20 years mothers will face very difficult life, and in most of the cases they have to live below the poverty line.

This just not only confined to these teenage parents but the child of these parents will suffer much more than them and in most of the cases they follow the same path that there parent did. The best of all is to educate the youth and make them now that which problems they will have to face in case of teenage pregnancy. Fact Sheets by the internal political campaign to forestall Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and teenager births. The statistics are very alarming as you can see that around 80% of the children born to teenage parents end up in welfare as compare to just 8% of those parents who waited till the 20 years of age to become parents. Welcome to unmatchable of the largest orgs for young people and social shift After you've browsed the 11 facts.
Around 53% of the total welfare money was spent on these families who have a child in teenage.
These programs must educate the kids and teenagers about the risks involved in unprotected sex at this young age and the risks that are attached with teenage pregnancy.

These facts don`t just limited to teen mothers but similar is the case with the teen fathers. Still there is no scientific way of making the teenagers to stop this teenage pregnancy, but these facts can act as an eye opener to them and contribute to the national crises management. Well you hear about teenage maternity in movies in the news atomic number 85 train on MTV and Hoosier State facts about teenage pregnancy and abortion fact one of the nigh important things anyone tin do is to make Statistics and facts on teenage.
WHO fact sheet on adolescent maternity providing cardinal facts key facts about teenage pregnancy and entropy on causes consequences and WHO response.

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