Facts about teenage pregnancy prevention

Hear not only what the person is saying, but how they feel about it from their tone of voice, facial expression, body language. Ask Open Ended questions: “Tell me about your game” (leaves a lot of room for response) vs. Small Talk-Everyone starts at the bottom.  Think about it—first meeting, first date = small talk!
Everyone has things they care about or value most-like the things on the background of the sheet.

Think about your decision, and list what you would risk losing (not definitely lose), using the words on the sheet, if you chose to …….whatever you’re thinking about doing. Need some answers….ask someone whose been there, look around the site, check out the facts.
FACT: Married couples who lived together first have a 50% HIGHER chance of divorce than those who do not. FACT: Couples who live together are twice as likely to cheat on their partner as married couples.

FACT: Live-ins have more disagreements, fights, and show more violence to one another than married couples.

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