Exercise when trying to get pregnant

Moderate exercise (such as brisk walking, leisurely cycling or gardening) bumped up fertility rates in all women, but strenuous workouts had the opposite effect among those of a normal weight with a BMI under 25. Ask your caregiver before you start any exercise program, but strive for 30 minutes a day of light to moderate exercise.
But research has found out too much can interfere with conceiving a pregnancy if you're of normal weight. The reasons are unclear, and the studies, which were conducted by both American and Danish researchers on thousands of Danish women, didn't address the causes of the phenomenon, but female hormones depend on a delicate balance in your body to pull off ovulation every 28 (or so) days, not to mention conception and maintaining a pregnancy.

Researchers found their fertility rates did not decrease the more vigorous their exercise routine became, which may be because the exercise helped combat the negative effects on fertility that being overweight can cause. If you jog, run, bicycle or do hardcore aerobics, you might consider taking your exercise routine down a notch. You might not know that while you should keep your workouts going, you may need to avoid hardcore exercise if you are of a healthy weight. Studies have shown vigorous exercise habits, such as intense cycling, running, gymnastics and aerobics lengthen the time it takes to match sperm with egg.

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