Exercise during your pregnancy

The Healthy HoneysWelcome to the blog that tells ALL; about real food, natural health, living green, and doing it all yourself.Sign up for our mailing list! Some of the exercises that are best involve increasing heart rate, keeping you flexible, managing weight gain , and maintains muscle mass without causing undo stress to you or the baby. These exercises are generally safe but be sure to consult your health care provider before starting any exercise program. Stretching is great to keep you flexible and limber and keep your muscles from being strained. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mild pregnancy exercises make your body flexible and you feel less tiring and more energetic and relaxed. These head and shoulder exercises are helpful in relieving you from upper back and shoulder pain problems which is quite common during the initial pregnancy months. Apart from these floor exercises you can also do some mild cardio exercises like walking, bicycling, swimming to increase the stamina and aerobic fitness. It also keeps your body strong so that you are more likely to lose the baby weight faster after pregnancy as well.
Prenatal yoga has been shown to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles needed during childbirth, decrease lower back pain, decrease nausea, Decrease shortness of breath.

Stretching can be very beneficial to relief pain or tension during the many changes your body goes through during pregnancy. I worked out last pregnancy and I really believe it helped me have a fast, smooth delivery and recovery.
It is extremely important to pay full attention to your body and well being during the pregnancy months.
The exercises can be modified as your pregnancy progresses, depending on the sensitivity of the body towards pain and discomfort if any. These can be done frequently at any time during the day and can be repeated multiple times. The given pelvic exercise will help in maintaining proper alignment, posture while sitting, standing, bending and lifting objects.
Medium pace walking for 30 minutes is the best advisable and safest exercise for pregnant women.
It’s important to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes while doing your pregnancy workouts.
After all muscle burns more than fat and if we lose all our muscle mass during pregnancy we will have to work on building it up again after delivery. While dancing during pregnancy try to avoid dancing that would create very jerky movements.

It also decreases the risk of pre-term labor, pregnancy induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction. A good thing for weight training would be to do body weight exercises with many repetitions instead of higher weights and lower reps.
Or we could work to maintain it during pregnancy by applying these best exercises during pregnancy to our daily routine. It is also probably the easiest exercise to do because it requires no equipment besides some good tennis shoes and you can do it anywhere.
If your pregnancy is uncomplicated and no previous history of miscarriage then you can start your pre natal exercises in your first trimester itself. Hold your right knee with the left hand and twist sideways so that you are looking over your neck and shoulders Repeat 4-5 times with each side.

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