Exercise during pregnancy with high blood pressure

Exercising during pregnancy can have a slew of health benefits, including maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the chances of high blood pressure.
At the beginning of your pregnancy, talk to your health care provider about your baseline activity level. And while regular exercise is a key part of maintaining a healthy weight throughout pregnancy, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity in both mother and child.

Starck and Merriam stress the importance of avoiding exercises that can lead to abdominal trauma. Being fit and strong will help support a growing belly, push the baby out during childbirth and then carry a growing baby. As your pregnancy continues, your health care provider will also track any conditions that may arise, like high blood pressure, and adjust your activity level if necessary.

That means no competitive ball sports or contact sports, downhill skiing, gymnastics, water-skiing, surfing or high-risk road biking.

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