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Regular crunches performed on the floor are acceptable in the early stages of the pregnancy but become a risk once you reach the second trimester. For a wall squat, position the ball behind your lower back so the ball is supported between your body and the wall. When it comes to exercising during pregnancy, there are a few simple tools you want to have in your kit bag to ensure your exercising safely and effectively. Exercise trainers are quick to point out that the physio ball is great for increasing core stability and strength which essentially means that the ball increasing strength in the abdominal muscles, back and oblique muscles. The physio ball beginners pilates exercises during and after pregnancy should follow other standard criteria for exercising during pregnancy.
In this article, we will discuss 3 Swiss ball exercises for women post pregnancy that will focus on the core area, so you can start getting your tummy back in shape. Sitting, leaning back or leaning over a Swiss ball can improve balance and stability as your growing belly shifts your center of gravity. The simple moves help quite a few women during pregnancy and might also reduce bladder leak problems after the baby is born.
These are the muscles that hold you up straighter, make you appear toned and athletic and are needed during delivery.
Keep in mind though that you want to combine these core exercises with cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet to get full benefits from it.
When you sit on the ball, keep your back straight with your feet planted on the floor shoulder-width apart.

Lying on the ball with the center of your back and shoulders in contact with the ball helps swiss ball exercises pregnancy up your ribs and the space between your vertebrae, giving you added breathing room. Sitting balanced on the ball with firm back and abdominal muscles strengthen the muscles you use during delivery. The large, plastic workout ball provides support along with its flexibility, allowing it to conform to your body. You can perform Kegels without an exercise ball, but the ball provides a more comfortable upright position for this exercise. Lower yourself into a squat position, dropping the ball onto the floor and standing back up to the starting position.
Balancing on the fitness ball in a sitting position engages your core muscles for a stronger middle section and abdomen.
Even at a low intensity women will increase strength and endurance of specific muscles needed both during delivery and after the little is born. You may find gently rocking or bouncing on the ball take some of the pressure off your lower back and hips.
Roll the ball as you stretch, and you can provide deep massage into back pain exercises video muscles. Bridges, modified crunches and cat backs while leaning over the ball strengthen these core muscles.
Squats using the ball for support in the front or between your back and a wall strengthen legs, core and pelvic muscles.

Ball exercises are also an alternative way to perform exercises in a safer manner while pregnant. As you balance yourself on the ball, squeeze the pelvic floor muscles as you would to stop your urine flow.
Doing core exercises will eventually get you toned abdominals but you won't be able to see those abs if there is any belly fat over top of them.
If you sit on the ball with one hand above your head as you lean toward the opposite side, you can open up your ribs from the side. In the first half of your pregnancy, you can lie on the floor with your calves on the ball to do curls or reverse crunches, but these exercises are not recommended in late pregnancy because it places the weight of the baby on the inferior vena cava, the major vein returning blood flow from the lower body to the heart. Kegels also work well sitting on the ball, either in a slow and active motion or rapid fire.
Always listen to your body and consult with your health care provider when starting a new workout routine, especially during pregnancy. Sitting on the ball with both arms either up over your head or out to the side can release tension in your shoulders and upper back.

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