Eating crab during pregnancy ok

As with anything you eat or drink while you are pregnant, it is extremely important for you to consult your doctor about it. Here is a quick look at whether or not can pregnant women eat crab: (1)Eating fish and shellfish while you are pregnant can be good for your unborn baby as well as for you. In fact, most calories in the crab meat come from the protein that it has, making up for about 80 to 85 percent of the total calories. Most remaining calories come from fat while a few calories come from the carbohydrates that are found in crabs.Blue crab meat contains only 70 calories in a three-ounce cooked portion while Alaska king crab has about 80 calories in a three-ounce cooked portion. Low Cholesterol Levels:While many people worry that eating crab meat can increase their cholesterol levels, those who do not have any cholesterol issues should not have a problem.
If you do suffer from high cholesterol, check with your doctor and find out how much crab meat while pregnant is safe to eat, so that it does not affect the already high levels of cholesterol.Steamed blue crab has about 80 mg of cholesterol in a three-ounce serving while Dungeness crab has about 65 mg of cholesterol in a serving of three ounces.

If you feel there are any ingredients that you are not eating while you are pregnant, or the ingredients can make you feel uncomfortable, make sure to substitute it with something else.1.
Make sure you mix everything well so that everything is coated in properly.Now add the crab meat into the mix and toss up again.
Keep boiling it till the corn has turned tender, and the crab legs turn opaque and are flaky.Sometimes, the crab can finish cooking before the corn does, so make sure you keep checking about once every five minutes for the same.
Using a sharp knife, make a slit in each of the crab leg shells so that it is easier to eat.In another pan, melt the butter and add the garlic, the red pepper, and the seasoning.
Once the pocket is created, take the stuffing you made using the crab meat and fill it in the chicken opening.In a plate, place the breadcrumbs, in a separate plate place the flour and another plate place the eggs.
Add the crab, the sour cream, and the green onions and mix it again to ensure that everything is coated properly.Use aluminum foil to line a baking sheet and place the tortilla chips on the same.

Next, add the potatoes, the celery, the onion, the garlic, the chile pepper, the chopped thyme, the crab seasoning, salt and pepper as per taste.Stir everything and cover the pan, and cook for about ten minutes.
Now remove the cover and let it cook for some more time on simmer.Sprinkle the hot sauce on the crab meat and add it to the chowder.

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