During pregnancy nipple pain

They are generally most suitable and comfortable for women with heavy breasts during pregnancy.3. Believe it or not, cutting short on the intake of salt greatly helps in reducing the pain in your breasts. This is because salt retains water, due to which your breasts become heavier resulting in acute pain.4.

Women generally tend to take a lot of bed rest during and after pregnancy, but the magic is being active!
Sometimes the pain may be too intense that none of the above precautions may provide relief; in this case, consult your gynaecologist for other remedial measures. This will eventually help you in tolerating the breast pain during pregnancy.Though breast pain during pregnancy is embarrassing, uncomfortable and painful, you should realize that it is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about.

It a good practice to keep consulting your gynecologist just to ensure that there are no complications associated with this pregnancy symptom.

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