During pregnancy depression

This is somewhat a personal issue, but I think I should discuss it here, because it’s a common problem during pregnancy.
Actually, there is No Certain evidence shows how it’s useful for the treatment of depression, but depressed people showed low blood levels of Folate, so experts advice is to meet the daily need, you can find it in leafy green vegetables, fortified items like whole grain, beans link pinto , chickpeas,  and fruits like avocado. Many studies claim that low iron is linked to clinical depression, so you should elevate your iron level,which usually exists in animal products, fortified & enriched food like grains and breads.
Also, pregnant women should make sure that they matches their nutritional needs, drink up to 8 or 10 glasses of water, make a habit of walking every day, because walking in fresh air may release endorphins which leased to happiness, get enough sleep, surround themselves with good company, talk to friends, family, partners, or join support groups about how they feel. Because the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy are likely to affect your mood, many women may struggle to differentiate between depression and normal hormonal changes caused by pregnancy. Conventional thinking is that depression itself can cause health risks to a baby the benefits of treating it are likely to outweigh the risk of taking any medication.
New York: A study has found that women who experienced mood disorders during pregnancy may be at risk for more severe postpartum depression (PPD) than those whose symptoms begin after birth. Also called postnatal depression, PPD is a type of clinical depression which can affect women after childbirth.

Women with postpartum depression may experience any of three distinct subtypes of clinical presentation, the researchers found. We now understand that postpartum depression can have onset of symptoms that may begin in pregnancy, she added.
Simply feeling sad or emotional are perfectly normal symptoms of pregnancy, and are not signs of depression. With as many as 20 percent of women suffering from partum depression, that means that for every 10 women in your antenatal classes, two are likely to feel just the same way as you do.
It was a bad experience, and I felt hatred towards being pregnant and even towards being alive.
Studies claim that diets rich in tryptophan (amino acid) can raise serotonin level in the brain cells, which it influences mood in way that may leads to depression. However if those feelings are constant and persist throughout your pregnancy then you may be suffering from depression. However it might be worth exploring other, more natural ways of dealing with your depression first, before you turn to medication.

And yet, statistics from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest that between 14 and 23 percent of women suffer from some form of depression during pregnancy, despite the fact that many of those women choose not to talk about their feelings or seek help from their doctor. According to Pysch Guides, if a pregnant woman is depressed, then the symptoms will last for more than two weeks and prevent the woman from anticipating the joy of bringing a new life into the world.
Pregnancy yoga and exercise classes are said to be very effective mood boosters, as is the talking therapy of speaking to a psychiatrist. Plus, several studies have shown that mood problems are actually more likely during pregnancy than during the postpartum period. She may also experience other symptoms that are clearly associated with depression such as persistent sadness, feelings of worthlessness or thoughts of suicide.
Depressed pregnant women often withdraw from their friends and families and change their lifestyles: so if you used to exercise every day you may find yourself choosing to sit on the sofa eating junk food instead.

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