Dream of being pregnant

Sometimes dreaming of being pregnant may be accompanied by fears and concerns at a time in your life when you have absolutely no desire to have babies. If you dream about being pregnant and go to a place where cloth is being bleached, you will have pale children. I dreamed that I was pregnant and that after the birth I had a sonogram and it showed I was pregnant with another two or three babies. I had a dream while I was pregnant that there were all these problems with my pregnancy… then I had a miscarriage! I’ve been having reoccurring dreams of me being pregnant and the second dream I saw a paper that had my name on it and said I was having twins and another one I was pregnant and getting married.
I have been having strange dreams, last night I had a dream that my breast were enlarged and I had milk coming from them. I dream of being pregnant with twins but on one of the ultra sounds I couldn’t see the baby face. I had a dream that I went to a clinic and the pregnancy test was positive and then when I went for my first Dr’s visit the test was negative. Had a dream I was talking to my mother and father then I felt funny I looked down at my stomach, and this little had pressed against my stomach.

These are all important questions to ask because the answers to those questions are what will determine what your dream really means in the context of your particular situation.
If you’re not actually pregnant, a dream about being pregnant symbolizes the growth and possibly the birth of something new.
Sometimes people who have pregnancy dreams regularly are also just expressing a desire to have a baby.
Depending on why you’re having a dream about being pregnant and what it symbolizes in your life, there are a few things you can do. Another psychological interpretation for this dream, particularly if it is accompanied by feelings of worry, is that at this time.
If you dream of being in labor and dream of putting on your partner’s slippers the birth will go well. Why did I have the dreams to warn me that I was gonna miscarriage it was the hardest thing for me the only thing keeping me alive was that baby. I have had other dreams giving birth in hospitals where my exhusband was there and so was my current husband and I had a baby boy and both of them were standing over the child looking at it. Sometimes a dream about being pregnant occurs in women who are actually pregnant and don’t know it yet.

Perhaps you’re a single woman who hasn’t yet found the man of her dreams, but your’ve always wanted children and you’re beginning to wonder when it will happen to you.
At first I dreamed of walking in the rain then, later in the pregnancy, of floating down a river.
How your pregnancy dream will be interpreted depends on several factors, including whether you’re taking a pregnancy test or actually are pregnant in your dream.
If you’re pregnant and do know it, this dream could symbolize the anxieties surrounding your pregnancy or the upcoming birth, or even the welfare of your child.
Something is growing inside of you, bursting to come out and the growing belly in your dream, may be telling you that you are or are becoming ready for a life-changing event or decision and it’s time to prepare yourself for that change.
Dreams can teach us all the lessons we need from birth, through life and eventually help us to prepare even for death. You want the best for this tiny person growing inside of you and the pregnancy dream is sometimes just a random collection of feelings, anxieties, and hormone-induced paranaoia that you’re experiencing during your waking hours.

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